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50th & France Business Association Member Benefits

The purpose of the 50th & France Business and Professional Association is to promote the general welfare and economic well-being of the 50th & France Business District and to accomplish more collectively than could be achieved individually. Our shared vision is for 50th & France to be the preeminent destination for the consumer desiring a high-quality neighborhood experience.

The 50th & France Business & Professional Association provides district-wide strategic marketing, management, promotional and event planning services to ensure that the commercial district offers goods, services and experiences that attract and retain visitors, customers, and businesses.

The association represents the 175 retailers and professional services at 50th & France. Property and business owners in the district comprise its board.

Your membership and engagement are the lifeblood of the Association’s work to promote a strong business district with benefits for everyone.


Events that Attract

District events have drawn 10,000+ people to the area in 2022, serving to attract new customers, support repeat visits, and means to amplify promotions

  • Reoccurring series: Performances on the Plaza, Llamas, Storytimes
  • Signature events: Tree Lighting, Pumpkins on the Plaza, Trick or Treat, and Easter events signal season changes and support community gathering

Social Media and PR

With Hot Mustard PR, the district’s brand and awareness have grown significantly, with focus on new businesses, store promotions, events, and more. Impacts include (as captured by Critical Mention analytics):

  • TV and Radio reached over 950,000+ audience member
  • Online articles have reached an audience of nearly 37 million
  • Total ad publicity: $779,439 - according to Critical Mention
  • Facebook: 16,000 people engaged with the page, and posts reached 180,600 people
  • Instagram: 1,150 new followers this year, with posts reaching 261,000 people and each Story reaching an average audience of 400 people

District Traffic

In data gathered by Placer, pedestrian traffic is up 30% since April ‘21 and now exceeds pre-pandemic levels.

  • Dwell time is up 14% YOY and averages 98 minutes in the district
  • Q3 foot traffic was the highest recorded since 2017 according to

Exclusive members-only benefits include:

  • Member Instagram posts and stories are shared on the district's page
  • Targeted social media posts/shares for your business in addition to district-wide promotions
  • Inclusion in PR and media pitches/stories about various businesses in the district
  • Searchable business listing in the website directory with logo, images and video capability.
  • Business events/sales/promotions listings online and included in a new public-facing newsletter
  • Ability to participate in district programming and events
  • Use of the Plaza at Nolan Mains for your events/activities without charge (based on availability)
  • Inform district advocacy efforts around construction and development projects

Are you a business in the 50th & France Business District?

Join our Association to be part of a vibrant community and promote your business!

We are stronger together and very grateful for your membership and support!

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